Traffic Monetization

Cure Consulting has years of experience in the traffic monetization industry and works with many top-tier advertisers and traffic brokers to find the best fit for any traffic source, in any legal channel

Brokers & Publishers

Cure works with many brokers and publishers with traffic to sell. One man's trash is another man's treasure, and we don't believe there is any truly 'worthless' traffic out there. The Internet is a vast place, and we specialize in matching sellers and buyers within the online marketing space. If you are a broker or publisher with a lot of discard or low-cost traffic to sell, talk to us and find out whether it isn't worth more than you may have thought.


Cure offers fully managed traffic monetization services for customers in a variety of verticals. For advertisers seeking to optimize their offer walls, upsell paths, and exit chains, we offer managed solutions and one-on-one consulting. Whether buying or selling, proper use of traffic is key for an advertiser worried about the bottom line. With razor thin margins in a lot of online e-commerce, every penny counts. Contact one of our account managers to see how you can squeeze the most out of your site visitors, or drive visitors to your site and products in unexpected ways.